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SANTANDER TOTTAIn Santa Cruz there is a "Centro de Saúde"- a small Hospital. Specialists como regularly from Horta and São Miguel. A doctor or a nurse visits the diferent villages during the week.
In case of a medical emergency the transport through a military machine is required. Normal health cases travel through a regular SATA machine to Horta or São Miguel. There are two pharmacies, one in Lajes, the other in Santa Cruz.
Flores has a Airport is Santa Cruz, a container harbour in Lajes aswell as smaller harbours in Ponta Delgada, Santa Cruz (3) and Fajã Grande. The supply ship comes every 2 weeks.

Buss conections exist in all villages, but not on all days. Most of the time a Taxi is more reliable.

Supermarkets are located in Santa Cruz (4), Fazenda das Lajes (2) and Lajes (3), regular markets for dailys use products can be found in almost all places, building supply markets can be found in Santa Cruz (3) and Lajes. It is possible to order almost everything in those. The agriculture association has markets in both Santa Cruz and Lajes.
There are 2 butchers in Santa Cruz, the Fishmonger has shops in both Lajes and Santa Cruz but on diferent days. There are quite a few backers, most of them deliver their product daily. Also there is 4 Assia-markets in Santa Cruz, a optician and a dental clinic. In both Santa Cruz and Lajes are 2 banks (Caixa Geral de Depósito and SANTANDER TOTTA), aswell as notaries, the Police, the Marine Police and Firefighters. The Court is in Santa Cruz. There is one Post Office in both Santa Cruz and Lajes. Fast internet through optical fibre exists in both Lajes and Santa Cruz, the rest of the villages has satelite internet.

Restaurants and Bars can be found in all villages, even though alot of the restaurants only open in the summer. Some of them are closed in the winter and on some a reservation is nessesary.
The school in Santa Cruz goes until the 12th grade. In Lajes only untill the 6th grade, after that all students go to Santa Cruz. Kindergardens exist in Ponta Delgada, Santa Cruz and Lajes, Santa Cruz has 2 sport halls and 2 sports halls. Lajes only has one of each. Very active are the football and volleyball teams of the island, also table tennis is popular. Gymnastic groups meet regularly. The cultural association organizes the yearly "Festa do Emigrante" in July. Traditional dancing groups exist in both Ponta Delgada and Lajes. The theater group "Jangada" presents pieces regularly.
Each village has its own museum, Santa Cruz has 3 and Lajes 4. Catolic Churches exist in every village and a evangelic one can be found in Santa Cruz.

The water supply is made through public conection. The cost is 3,12€/4 mounths in Lajes and almost 5 € in Santa Cruz. The waste water is, except in Santa Cruz, disposed into private holes. The electricity supply is assured through a Hydroelectric power station, 2 wind generators and a diesel power plant in Lajes.

In Lajes the organic waste is picked up every Monday and Friday from the houses. The papper is collected every Tuesday, Wednesday the glass and Thursday the plastic/metal. The larger waste is picked up every first Wednesday of the month. In Santa Cruz only exist colective tons. On the island the waste disposal is (still) free. In Lajes there is a waste separation station. On the island only remains Organic waste and building waste. Everything else is transported to the continent.

Almost all streets were renovated during the last years. Gas stations can be found in Santa Cruz, Fazenda das Lajes and Lajes.

Natural swimming places can be found in Santa Cruz (2) and Fajã Grande. Small beaches exist in Lajes and Fajã Grande. Rock beaches in Fajãzinha, Fazenda de Santa Cruz and Lopo Vaz (Lajes). But these rock beaches are, due to the strong currents and waves, not recomended for swimming. Viewpoints and Fireplaces are located in lots of diferent places, most of the times the fireplaces are conected with a camping place. Official toilets exist in all vilages.

In both places (Santa Cruz and Lajes) exists a County governments.

In Lajes there is a small animal praxis. In Fazenda de Santa Cruz is a small animal Park.

In Lajes is the treeschool of the Florestal. Here, during the winter mounths, are (still) being offered trees and decorative plants (example Hibiscus,etc) for free.


As a principle you only buy the diferent onjetcs only directly from the owner.
We act only as intermediary and gladly assist in the diferent steps of buying.

You have to count with the following taxes and aditional costs:
IMT Haus: up to 8% os the buying price
IMT Land: 5% of the buying price
IMT comercial use buildings: 6,5% of the buying price
Notary fees


For our service we charge 20,00 Euros per hour. In case of a successfull purchase these will be returned.



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